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Senior Network Engineer I have 15 years of IT experience and love what I do.

Proxmox VE Dark Theme Quick and Easy

Proxmox VE Dark Theme Quick and Easy   Type this shell command: bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Weilbyte/PVEDiscordDark/master/PVEDiscordDark.sh ) install     More about the command: A dark theme for the Proxmox Web UI, inspired by Discord's color scheme. Weilbyte/PVEDiscordDark

Proxmox VE Dark Theme Quick and Easy2023-01-27T13:09:23-08:00

How to Add Multiple Nodes into Proxmox VE Cluster CML in Shell

How to Add Multiple Nodes into Proxmox VE Cluster CML in Shell To add multiple nodes to a Proxmox VE cluster from the command line, you can use the "pvecm" command. Here are the basic steps: Install Proxmox VE on each additional node that you want to add to the cluster. Ensure that all nodes

How to Add Multiple Nodes into Proxmox VE Cluster CML in Shell2023-01-27T13:01:05-08:00

CCNA OSPF Routing Lab

CCNA OSPF Routing Lab To create a Cisco network lab for CCNA OSPF routing, you will need one or more Cisco routers and a network simulator program such as GNS3 or Packet Tracer. Here are the basic steps to create a simple OSPF lab in GNS3: Download and install GNS3 on your computer. Download and

CCNA OSPF Routing Lab2023-01-11T20:59:42-08:00

Python to Backup Cisco Configuration

Python to Backup Cisco Configuration   Here is an example of how to write a Python script to backup the configuration of a Cisco device using the paramiko library, which is a Python implementation of the SSH protocol:   import paramiko # create an SSH client object ssh = paramiko.SSHClient() # add the Cisco device's

Python to Backup Cisco Configuration2023-01-11T20:52:46-08:00

How to Backup Cisco Call Manager?

How to Backup Cisco Call Manager? Backing up a Cisco Call Manager (CUCM) system is an important task to ensure that the configuration and data of the system can be restored in case of a failure or other problem. Here is a general overview of the steps to backup Cisco Call Manager: Log in to

How to Backup Cisco Call Manager?2023-01-11T20:41:10-08:00

Cisco DMVPN Configuration

Cisco DMVPN configuration Cisco DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network) is a Cisco-proprietary solution that allows for the creation of a full mesh VPN (Virtual Private Network) among multiple sites using a single hub router. This allows for secure communication between sites without the need for a full mesh of point-to-point tunnels, reducing the overall

Cisco DMVPN Configuration2023-01-11T20:38:26-08:00


About My Work

Hello! My name is Jaime E. Ramirez I am a Senior Network Engineer I started PACKETCONFIG.COM as a way for me to start documenting my studying and labs. I have 15 years experience in IT I currently have a full time job and do some freelance work for various companies. I have a a Cisco CCNA and CCNP in routing an switching. I also have a few COMPTIA Certifications like A+, Net+, Security+, and CASP. I am currenlty studying for my CCEI in Routing and Switching. Please feel free to contribute and email me if you have any questions or comments. Contact Us