How to Backup Cisco Call Manager?

Backing up a Cisco Call Manager (CUCM) system is an important task to ensure that the configuration and data of the system can be restored in case of a failure or other problem.

Here is a general overview of the steps to backup Cisco Call Manager:

Log in to the Cisco Unified Serviceability web interface on the Call Manager server. The URL is typically http://[server IP address]:8080/ccmservice.

Click on the “Tools” menu, and then select “Backup and Restore.”

Select “Backup” from the Backup and Restore options.

In the Backup Configuration window, select the items you want to backup. This could include the Cisco Call Manager configuration, the Cisco Unity Connection configuration, the Cisco IM & Presence configuration, and/or the Cisco Emergency Responder configuration.

Select the backup destination. This could be a locally attached storage device or a network file server.

Enter a name for the backup file and click “Start.”

Verify that the backup process completes successfully and that the backup file is present in the designated location.

It is important to have a regular backup schedule and to test your backups regularly to ensure they can be used in case of emergency. Also it’s highly recommended to store backup file in different location and have multiple copies of the backups.

It is also good to have a disaster recovery plan that is well-documented and regularly tested, to ensure that the system can be restored quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency.