Python to Backup Cisco Configuration

Python to Backup Cisco Configuration   Here is an example of how to write a Python script to backup the configuration of a Cisco device using the paramiko library, which is a Python implementation of the SSH protocol:   import paramiko # create an SSH client object ssh = paramiko.SSHClient() # add the Cisco device's

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Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (300-115)

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (300-115) Exam Description: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH 300-115) Exam Time: 120-minutes Number of questions: 45?55 Exam Cost: $300.00 (as of September 2018) Testing Information: Pearson Vue  What does the exam prove? switching knowledge and skills including the planning, configuring, and verifying the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions

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What is DHCP Snooping?

DHCP Snooping What is DHCP Snooping?   CCNP 300-115 Switch - 2.0 Infrastructure Security - - 2.1a DHCP Snooping   What is it? DHCP Snooping is a Layer 2 Security Feature. What does it solve?  Prevents Unauthorized/rogue servers. How does it solve the problem? DHCP Snooping drops DHCP Traffic that is not acceptable on the

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What is Storm Control?

Storm Control What is Storm Control?   CCNP 300-115 Switch - 2.0 Infrastructure Security - - 2.1f Storm Control   Storm control is a security feature that prevents LAN Storm Attacks by monitoring traffic on ports. What is a LAN Storm Attack? A land storm attck is when all ports in the same VLAN are

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What is IP Source Guard

What: IP Source Guard Is: A security feature What it does; Restricts IP traffic on untrusted Layer 2 ports. It uses the DHCP snooping binding database to filter traffic. Or Manually configured IP source bindings IP source bindings. Purpose: Helps prevent IP spoofing attacks.

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The Top 5 CCNA Training Options

Choosing The Best Value for Your Money When looking for the CCNA training options you want to make sure you get the best bang for you buck. Sometimes depending on your studying style and budget you might need to spend a dime on you CCNA studies. This is why I put the this list together.

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