STP Loop Guard

STP Loop Guard STP Loop Guard can provide additional protection against layer 2 loops.  An STP loop can happen when a port that is in the STP blocking state changes into a forwarding state. Loop Guard Can Add Additional Checks In the case that the designated port stops receiving BPDU's then that port is moved

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What is DHCP Snooping?

DHCP Snooping What is DHCP Snooping?   CCNP 300-115 Switch - 2.0 Infrastructure Security - - 2.1a DHCP Snooping   What is it? DHCP Snooping is a Layer 2 Security Feature. What does it solve?  Prevents Unauthorized/rogue servers. How does it solve the problem? DHCP Snooping drops DHCP Traffic that is not acceptable on the

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What is Storm Control?

Storm Control What is Storm Control?   CCNP 300-115 Switch - 2.0 Infrastructure Security - - 2.1f Storm Control   Storm control is a security feature that prevents LAN Storm Attacks by monitoring traffic on ports. What is a LAN Storm Attack? A land storm attck is when all ports in the same VLAN are

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What is IP Source Guard

What: IP Source Guard Is: A security feature What it does; Restricts IP traffic on untrusted Layer 2 ports. It uses the DHCP snooping binding database to filter traffic. Or Manually configured IP source bindings IP source bindings. Purpose: Helps prevent IP spoofing attacks.

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